I live in Athenree, in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, with my husband Greg and our three boys Jethro, Rico and Milan. I'm a returning local, moving back to the area permanently in June 2016, and it's safe to say that we are all hooked. We are lucky enough to live somewhere with sea views and overlooking an estuary. On our first day here we spotted from our front door, amongst others, Herons, Shags, Red-billed Seagulls, a Kingfisher, a Pheasant, Tuis, Fantails, Eastern Rosella, black Swans, loads of ducks, Canadian Geese and a flock of Swallows darting and diving. We are in bird-spotting heaven.

I am also lucky enough to have discovered my sweet spot - the place where my true passions meet. I've always loved to create images - whether painting, printmaking and now, photography. I totally enjoy capturing those little candid moments - natural is best! And am happiest near the water. I couldn't live in a better place or be doing anything better.

Talk to you soon!





+64 21 752 662

Instagram: @annagram_NZ

Facebook: @annamenendezphotography